Kinesio Tape Therapy

  • Pain therapy with KINESIO TAPE

ChiroTape (KinsesioTape) is a wafer-thin, self-adhesive, flexible, permeable to moisture and air and water resistant dressing, which is activated by the warmth of the body and motions. Tape dressings allow the preservation of the mobility and stabilisation of the joints, muscles and tendons at the same time.

They prevent the blockage of motions and trigger a slight permanent massage of the connecting tissue by their elastic material. By a tape dressing, it is possible to activate individual muscles or entire muscle groups to support them or to take their function from them. It is possible to use them for prophylaxis by minimizing the risks of injury and in therapy to support a quick recovery after sports injuries at the same time. In different symptoms, such as e.g. shoulder-, back-, knee- and calves problems, in heel spur, problems with the cervical spine to mouse/tennis arm taping supplements the therapy purposefully.

To prevent sports injuries, the taping is not ignored in professional sports anymore.


Benefits of Tape Dressing:


  • Relaxes muscles and ligaments
  • Stimulates tissue metabolism
  • Reduces pain
  • Healing process and training pause are reduced.



Treatment Options

After a full consultation, and pain assessment, we are able to offer some of the most sophisticated treatment options available.


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Pain therapy with KINESIO TAPE

Kinesio Tape Therapy

ChiroTape (KinsesioTape) is a wafer-thin, self-adhesive, flexible, per...

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