The clinic with a difference…

We have created a physiotherapy clinic which offers effective  and qualitative solutions.

We are passionate about our profession and work with our patients looking at the whole person.

We offer many different and  innovative  therapy options that takes our physiotherapy to the next level.

In our clinic, our comfortable treatment rooms let us focus on each individual treatment programme.

We examine and assess our patients, deciding on the best treatment
programme which includes solving the problem and thereby alleviate the symptoms.

We have so many tools to help us achieve our goals including:

  • Manual therapy including Maitland joint mobilisations, the McKenzie
    technique for vertabral problems, joint mobilisation with movement,
    trigger point release, myofascial release and proprioceptive
    neuromuscular facilitation to re-educate correct movement.
  • Exercise therapy to correct muscle imbalances which impede healthy
    movement and specific muscle strengthening training following surgery
    or injury.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage especially following surgery or injury.
  • Electrotherapy to help relieve pain and inflammation.
  • Kinesiotaping to help lymphatic flow and correct joint positioning.